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Cost of Living in Canada

Cost of living in Canada is a bit above the average, but the high quality of life is guaranteed. You need a minimum amount of (CAD)$1,050 – 1,250 per month for most of the city such as Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa. Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary are some of the most expensive cities in Canada, where you have to spent around (CAD)$1,200 – 1,550 per month.

Types of accommodation:
  1. For short term period:
Hotels :

A wide range of hotels are available in Canada for temporary stays, when you arrive in Canada. These hotel are provides a private rooms with private toilets and daily cleaning service. Sometimes it’s getting difficult to get a room without pre-booked before a week at the time of festivals.

Low price range : (CAD)$40 – 75 per day

Moderate price range : (CAD)$60 – 140 per day

Expensive price range : (CAD)$140 -260 per day

Five-star Hotels price range : (CAD)$260 & upwards

Bed & Breakfast:

These types of rooms are located in private homes or local run establishment, and the cost includes your own room and a generous breakfast. Most of the rooms have no private toilets and baths. This type of accommodation comes in a variety of forms, that it can be a heritage home or a modern townhouse or a seaside home or a farmhouse. The average cost of this accommodation is (CAD)$40 -100 per day.

Youth Hostels:

This types of accommodation are not expensive and an easy way to stay in major cities. This type of accommodation is economical and primary facilities like toilets and common kitchens. This type of hostels are inspected and approved by the Canadian Hostelling Association. The average cost of this accommodation is (CAD)$10-30 per day.

YWCA / YMCA Hotel:

This type of hotels are also not expensive like youth hostel, and are clean, safe and comfortable. Many of them have pools and fitness center. Average cost of this accommodation is (CAD)$25 – 50 per day.

  1. For Long Term Period:

Accommodation provided by School:

Home stays :

Many Canadian families welcomes international students to stay in their home, which may help you to improve your English or French language skill, learn about the daily life in Canada and meet new people. It provides a private furnished room and meals, and the host family welcomes and encourages you to participates in family & community activities.

Initial placement fee (CAD)$100 – 250

Average cost of home stays accommodation is (CAD)$300 – 900 per month

Dormitory / Residence :

Rooms can vary in size and quality and many, and many dormitories have shared kitchen and toilets. There is usually an option to choose either to stay in shared or private room. All dormitories are generally separated by gender. The meals and cafeterias plan are included in the cost of the rooms.

Average cost of Dormitory / Residence rooms are (CAD)$2,800 – 8,000 per year

OFF Campus Housing:
Renting :

Ranting is an option for students, but the cost is quite high in major cities. Many students share their accommodation to keep cost down and find their places to meet their needs and preferences. This types of rooms are contains a kitchen, toilets, bath and bedroom. Most rental apartments do not include furniture or meals and some of them include the cost of electricity in rent.

Average cost of a apartment is (CAD)$450 – 1,700 per month

Average cost of shared apartment is (CAD)$200 – 800 per month 

Food Cost :

Average cost of food in  Canada is (CAD)$200 – 300 per month, if you shop from the local supermarkets and groceries. Some of the cheapest supermarkets are Canadian Superstore and Wal-Mart. If you want to eat in a restaurant , then you have to pay (CAD)$10 – 30.

cost of living in canada

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