The University of Exeter is a public research university in Exeter, Devon, South West England, United Kingdom. The university was founded and received its Royal Charter in 1955, although its predecessor institutions, the Royal Albert Memorial College and the University College of the South West of England, were established in 1900 and 1922 respectively. In post-nominals, the University of Exeter is abbreviated as Exon. (from the Latin Exoniensis), and is the suffix given to honorary and academic degrees from the university.

The university has four campuses: Streatham and St Luke’s (both of which are in Exeter); and Truro and Penryn (both of which are in Cornwall). The university is centred in the city of Exeter, Devon, where it is the principal higher education institution. Streatham is the largest campus containing many of the university’s administrative buildings, and is regarded as the most beautiful in the country. The Penryn campus is maintained in conjunction with Falmouth University under the Combined Universities in Cornwall (CUC) initiative.

Accounting MPhil/PhD
Accounting and Finance MSc
Accounting and Taxation MSc
Advanced Mathematics MSc
Advanced Quantitative Methods (AQM) In Social Sciences MRes
Advanced Quantitative Methods (AQM) in Social Sciences MPhil/PhD
American and Atlantic Studies pathway
Ancient Philosophy, Science & Medicine
Ancient Politics & Society
Animal Behaviour MSc
Anthropology MA by Research
Anthropology MPhil/PhD
Anthrozoology MA
Anthrozoology MPhil/PhD
Applied Geotechnics MSc
Applied Health Services Research MSc
Applied Leadership Practice MSc
Applied Security Strategy MA
Arab and Islamic Studies MPhil/PhD
Archaeology MA
Archaeology MA by Research
Archaeology MPhil/PhD
Art History and Visual Culture MPhil/PhD
Behavioural Economics and Finance MSc
Bioarchaeology MSc
Biological Sciences MPhil/PhD (Penryn)
Biological Sciences MPhil/PhD (Streatham)
Biological Sciences Masters by Research (Penryn)
Biological Sciences Masters by Research (Streatham)
Chinese MPhil/PhD
Civil Engineering MSc
Civil Engineering with Management MSc
Classical Receptions
Classics and Ancient History MA
Classics and Ancient History MA by Research
Classics and Ancient History MPhil/PhD
Clinical Education MSc
Clinical Practice (DClinPrac) Doctorate
Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy) Doctorate
Clinical Research (DClinRes) Doctorate
Computer Science MPhil/PhD
Computer Science MSc
Computer Science MSc by Research
Computer Science with Business MSc
Conflict, Security and Development MA
Conservation Science and Policy MSc
Conservation Science and Policy MSc
Conservation and Biodiversity MSc
Cornish Studies MPhil/PhD
Creative Arts in Education
Creative Writing MA
Creative Writing MPhil/PhD
Critical Human Geographies MRes
Criticism and Theory pathway
Cultural Histories & Material Exchanges
Cultural Sociology MA
DEdPsych Educational Psychology
Data Science (Professional) MSc
Data Science MSc
Data Science with Business MSc
Drama MA by Research
Drama MPhil/PhD
Economic and Social History MRes
Economics MPhil/PhD
Economics MRes
Economics MSc
Economics and Econometrics MSc
Education DEdPsych – Professional Training
Education MA
Education MPhil/PhD
Educational Research MSc
Engineering Business Management MSc
Engineering EngD
Engineering MPhil/PhD
Engineering MSc by Research
English Literary Studies MA
English MPhil/PhD
English Studies MA by Research
Environment and Human Health MSc
Environment, Energy and Resilience MPhil/PhD
Ethnopolitical Studies MPhil/PhD
European Law pathway
European Politics MA
European Politics MPhil/PhD
Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology MSc
Experimental Archaeology MA
Exploration Geology MSc
Extreme Medicine MSc
Film Studies MPhil/PhD
Film Studies pathway
Finance MPhil/PhD
Finance and Investment MSc
Finance and Management MSc
Finance and Marketing MSc
Financial Analysis and Fund Management MSc
Financial Economics MSc
Financial Mathematics MSc
Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture MSc
Food Studies MA
French Studies MPhil/PhD
Genomic Medicine MSc
Geography (Human/Physical) MPhil/PhD
Geography Masters by Research
Geology MPhil/PhD
Geology MSc by Research
Geotechnical Engineering MSc
German Studies MPhil/PhD
Global Literatures and Cultures MA
Global Political Economy MRes
Health Services Improvement PgCert
Health and Wellbeing MPhil/PhD
Health and Wellbeing MRes
Healthcare Leadership and Management PgCert
Hispanic Studies MPhil/PhD
History MA
History MA by Research (Exeter)
History MA by Research (Penryn)
History MPhil/PhD
Human Resource Management MSc/PgDip
Insurance Law pathway
Intellectual Property Law pathway
Interdisciplinary Studies MPhil/PhD
International Commercial Law pathway
International Film Business MA
International Heritage Management and Consultancy MA
International Heritage Management and Consultancy Mres
International Heritage Management and Consultancy PgCert
International Heritage Management and Consultancy PgDip
International Human Rights Law pathway
International Law, Conflict and Security pathway
International Management MSc
International Relations MA
International Supply Chain Management MSc
International Tourism Management MSc
Islamic Studies MA
Italian Studies MPhil/PhD
Kurdish Studies MPhil/PhD
LLM Master of Laws
Language and Literacy
Law MA by Research
Law MPhil/PhD
Leadership Studies MPhil/PhD
Legal Practice MPhil/PhD
Literary Interactions
Lusophone Studies MPhil/PhD
MBA – The Exeter MBA
MPA – Public Administration Masters
Management MPhil/PhD
Management MRes
Maritime Historical Studies MPhil/PhD
Maritime Law pathway
Marketing MSc
Materials Engineering MSc
Materials Engineering with Management MSc
Mathematics Education
Mathematics MPhil/PhD
Mathematics MSc by Research
Mechanical Engineering MSc
Mechanical Engineering with Management MSc
Medical History MPhil/PhD
Medical Imaging MSc
Medical Imaging MSc by Research
Medical Studies MSc by Research
Medieval Studies MA
Medieval Studies MPhil/PhD
Methods of Applied Health Services PgCert
Middle East Politics MPhil/PhD
Middle East Studies MRes
Middle East and Islamic Studies MA
Mining Engineering (Professional) MSc
Mining Engineering MSc/PgDip
Mining Geology MSc
Mining Lifecycle (Professional) PgCert
Mining and Minerals Engineering MSc by Research/MPhil/PhD
Modern Languages MA by Research
Modern and Contemporary pathway
Money and Banking MSc
Offshore Renewable Energy EngD
Paediatric Exercise and Health MSc
Palestine Studies MPhil/PhD
Performance Practice MPhil/PhD
Philosophy MA
Philosophy MA by Research
Philosophy MPhil/PhD
Philosophy and Sociology of Science MA
Physics MPhil/PhD/MSc by Research
Policy Analytics MSc
Political Thought MA
Politics MA by Research
Politics MA by Research (Cornwall)
Politics MPhil/PhD
Politics MRes
Professional Development in Education
Professional Learning (construct your own programme)
Psychological Research Methods MSc
Psychology MPhil/PhD
Psychology Masters by Research
Public Administration Masters (MPA)
Renaissance Studies pathway
Renewable Energy Engineering MSc
Renewable Energy MSc by Research/MPhil/PhD
Roman Archaeology MA
Russian Studies MPhil/PhD
Science Education
Science and Technology Studies MRes
Security – see MA Applied Security Strategy
Security Conflict and Human Rights MRes
Security, Conflict and Human Rights MPhil/PhD
Social and Organisational Psychology MSc
Sociology MA
Sociology MPhil/PhD
Special Educational Needs
Sport and Health Sciences MPhil/PhD
Sport and Health Sciences MSc
Sport and Health Sciences Masters by Research
Strategy and Security MA by Research
Strategy and Security MPhil/PhD
Structural Engineering MSc
Structural Engineering with Management MSc
Sustainable Development MSc
TESOL pathway
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages MEd/PgDip/PgCert
Technology, Creativity and Thinking
Theatre Practice MA
Theology MA
Theology and Religion MA by Research
Theology and Religion MPhil/PhD
Translation Studies MA
Translation Studies MA
Translation Studies MPhil/PhD
Tunnel Engineering MSc
Victorian Studies pathway
Water Engineering MSc
Water Engineering with Management MSc


GPA / Percentage: 2.4 / 60% +







Overall Score : 58
Min Reading   : 51
Min Writing    : 51
Min Speaking  : 51
Min Listening  : 51




Overall Score : 90
Min Reading   : 22
Min Writing    : 21
Min Speaking  : 23
Min Listening  : 21




Overall Score : 6.5
Min Reading   : 6.0
Min Writing    : 6.0
Min Speaking  : 6.0
Min Listening  : 6.0



Fall intake / Aug – Sep:

Under Graduate                                      N /A
Master’s                                                    N / A
Ph.D                                                          N /A



Spring intake / Jan – Feb:

Under Graduate                                      N /A
Master’s                                                    N / A
Ph.D                                                          N /A



Summer intake / June – July:

Under Graduate                                      N /A
Master’s                                                    N / A
Ph.D                                                          N /A



Under Graduate: £16,500 per year



Master’s : £16,500 per year



Ph.D : £16,500 per year