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Why Study in Norway

Norway is known worldwide as a peaceful and safe democratic country that favors equality. Norway is also known to offer a high quality of life in many aspects. This country is ranked #1 on the Human Development Index (2015) and has been “the best country in which to leave” more than 10 times according to United Nations Development Programme. And also rank in the top 5 of the countries with the highest performing graduates. Around 16,000 foreign students are currently enrolled at Norwegian institutions of higher education. Here are some reasons that why study in Norway.

Beautiful Place:

Norway is the northernmost country in Europe and includes a great variety of natural scenery. The span from the lowlands in the southeast to the spectacular fjords and high mountains and coastline in the west and north is very striking. If you enjoy hiking and huge outdoor experiences, this is a fantastic place to be.

Great Hospitality:

Norway may have a cold weather for the most part of the year, but Norwegians have their way of giving you a warm welcome to foreigners. Norwegian universities, in particular, focus on helping international students adjust to a new country and a new culture and provide them support in both academic and personal matters.

High-Quality Education:

With a wide range of high-quality courses and great flexibility, Norwegian institutions prove to be an ideal study destination. From vocational subjects to postgraduate and doctorate level, there are plenty of opportunities for students to fulfill their ambitions. 

Leading Edge:

Norway is a world leader in industries such as oil and gas, oil and gas services, renewable energy, shipping, telecommunications, high-tech products and fish farming.  If you are planning a career in any of the aforementioned industries, studying in Norway will provide you with a huge advantage.

Work during Study:

International students are allowed to work with their student visa as follows: they can do part-time jobs for up to 20 hours per week during semesters and full-time during holidays.

Study for Free:

In Norway’s public universities the tuition fees are either free or a little tuition fees for pre semester documentation purpose. Higher education in Norway is mainly funded by the government and as such it is literally free of charge for both domestic and international students (i.e European and Non-European).You would only have to pay for a small fee of around 50 EUR each semester.

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