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Why study in France

France is well known for its culture, history, great food, and being home to many world-renowned museums. The country offers a great multicultural study experience, bringing together cultures from all over the world. Students appreciate the beautiful, developed cities and the great variety of social life available. Impression about French culture and city life were overall more positive than Europe average. Even the smaller cities offered opportunities for fun student activities. Here are few reasons, that why study in France.

Student Friendly:

France is an expensive country to live in but it is a great place to be a student. The French understand that being a student isn’t always easy or inexpensive so le tarif jeune was created. Le tarif jeune is the name of a student discount admission price for museums and transportation. It’s easy to go sightseeing and travel often thanks to this student discount. France and Europe are also home to many friendly, student-oriented hostels and youth hotels which also help to make travel affordable.

Most Renowned Education System:

The Guardian recently published a piece on France’s unique positioning within the international educational landscape. The country is in a unique predicament due to the international higher education market’s increasing focus on English-speaking coursework, not to mention its uniquely fragmented approach and deliberate lack of oversight by a central body. However, despite the country’s decentralized approach, some pivotal universal elements remain: an egalitarian imperative — along with accompanying funding opportunities — regarding the universal right to higher education; a shared belief in the importance of universities as research and knowledge centers in which students are encouraged to explore flexible cross-curriculum opportunities; and a commitment to the necessity of foreign students in fostering a dynamic and competitive higher educational system.

A world-class economic power:

France has the world’s fifth-largest economy. Its gross domestic product ranks second in Europe, and the country is Europe’s second-largest market, with 65 million consumers. France is also the world’s fourth-largest exporter of services and Europe’s leading destination for manufacturing investments.

Heart of Western Europe:

Geographically and culturally, France is the center of Western Europe. In a matter of a few hours, you can visit a number of European and African countries. This makes weekend trips a realistic opportunity if you budget properly for traveling. When you travel outside of France, you’ll discover that this country has a strong cultural influence – France has always made major contributions to history, the arts, the sciences, and politics of Europe.

Learn French easily.

 French is the world’s fifth most widely used language, with 274 million speakers. After English, French is the most widely studied language in the world. Not that learning French is such a bad thing. Considered a fairly easy language to pick up because of its lexical similarity to English, a significant portion of French vocabulary can be understood by the English speaker; in fact, linguists believe that up to a third of modern English has been influenced by French. While advanced students may occasionally struggle with trickier topics, students of conversational French are likely to experience success.

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