Why study in New Zealand

New Zealand is the same size as Japan or Great Britain, but there are a lot of reasons that you should consider going there for your studies abroad. Many people call natives of the country “Kiwis”, after the bird that resides only there and nowhere else in the entire world. There are a number of reasons why you should study in New Zealand.

Safe and Modern:

New Zealand is a country of nearly four million people, and one of the safest place on this earth with high quality living conditions and a modern lifestyle. It has never seen war on its own shores and crime here is extremely low as compared to USA, UK and Europe. The New Zealand government is also very stable and the people are very outward looking and welcoming of new cultures.

British Based Education and High Quality Teaching:

The New Zealand university system is research based, as it is historically based on British higher education model. All academic staff is expected to be active researchers as well as teachers. This insistence on research informed teaching ensures a high quality learning experience.

High-Quality Support Service:

New Zealand has a long history of teaching international students. The international office in tertiary institutions provides a high quality support service to help you adjust to your new environment and successfully complete your studies.

People of New Zealand:

Kiwis are some of the most amazing, loving, and welcoming people that you will ever meet. If you are a stranger, a native New Zealander is going to treat you like you are a friend. They are used to meeting new people, first because they travel a lot themselves, and also because a lot of people come to visit New Zealand as well. The culture on the islands is quite laid back and easy going, as well. Another cool thing about the people is that there are so many different kinds of people. For being such a small country, the diversity is greater than you see in many European countries.

Easy Entry Requirements for New Zealand:

Unlike the situation in the UK and other countries, New Zealand does not have a massive competition to enter the first year of a university degree. This is because the New Zealand government has invested heavily in university education over the year. That’s the reason, New Zealand has more capacity than it has students.

Opportunity to Settle Permanently in New Zealand:

If you complete your course successfully, you automatically get a 12 months ‘Work Permit’ under the student VISA policy. In most instances this permit will be done at your institution itself. This allows you to work full time in any job of your choice. However, if you want to get a New Zealand Permanent Residency (PR), then you have to find a job that is relevant to the course that you complete. After getting a job your work permit will extends to 2 years, then you can apply for PR and normally will get it within 5-6 months.

Weather and Beauty of Nature:

Nothing can get better than the weather in New Zealand. The winters are mild, with temperatures around 10ºC (50ºF) and slightly wet. In higher altitudes, you will see snow, but it’s not common in lower altitudes. In the summers, the climate is warm and dry with temperatures around 25ºC (77ºF). As you would expect in the southern hemisphere, the summer lasts from December to February; winter lasts from June to August. Spring and fall are similar, with cooler temperatures and little rain. New Zealand is renowned for its natural beauty and its adventure activities, and all this is readily accessible from all eight universities in the country.

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