Why study in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular study destinations among international students for higher education. It has a rich and complex history. Germans universities are ranked among the best in the world, it offers innovative and international programs as well as the work discipline. There are a number of reasons that why you study in Germany instead of considering other countries.

No Tuition Fees:

In Germany’s public universities the tuition fees are either free or small tuition fees for pre-semester documentation purposes. Higher education in Germany is mainly funded by the state and as such it is literally free of charge for both domestic and international students (i.e European and Non-European). The German higher education system consists of around 400 institutions that host around 2.5 million students. If funding your education is an important criterion for you, then the free German universities are for you.

International Degree Programs:

German education system is highly focused on its international domain, thus the number of international students coming to this country is ever rising. Almost every university in German has incorporated in its curricula an international study program, where lecturers from all over the world come to share their expertise. In most of these universities learning German through intensive courses is a mandatory piece of the module.

Offer Internally Recognized Degree with High-Quality Education:

Universities in Germany now all operate under the Bologna reform, which ensures all students get a unified and internationally recognized degree such as Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD. This applies to most academic disciplines, except for medicine, law and pharmacy. In these subjects students are still educated in traditional way. German high education is considering to be one of the top quality educations in the world alongside with USA and UK. German universities are deem as world leaders in medicine and engineering.

Student Life:

Student life in Germany thrives on adrenaline and curiosity. German people are friendly, but give you privacy. Outdoor activities are pretty popular in Germany, including sports, cycling, skiing and more. As most of the international students choose to live in metropolises, they will find lots of activities to fill their free time like hanging outs in bars, clubbing are all part of student life in Germany. One more advantage to life in Germany is the excellent public transport, which is efficient, safe and fast.

Scholarship Opportunities:

At the moment hundreds of scholarship programmes are operating for higher education in Germany. With free education lots of international students cover their living costs through scholarship.

Study in English:

Studying in Germany not only comes for free but also you can study in English if your German skills are not so good. English is an international and widely spoken language, taught as a second language in the majority of schools around the world. A fresh start in a new country, a new university and a new language can be tougher than you think; therefore you might want to go easy on yourself and take up an international program taught in English while your German language skills advance, and then perhaps switch to studying in German.

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