Cost of Living in Denmark

Denmark has a high cost of living compared with other European countries. Eating out, accommodation and utilities are especially pricey, particularly in Copenhagen, which is one of the top ten most expensive cities in the world. However, salaries are also high and many services are available free of charge, such as medical treatment and education due to the unique welfare system in Denmark.

Types of Accommodations:
Hall of Residence (on-campus):

Danish universities do not have a tradition for on-campus housing. Most students live in student halls of residences situated some distance from campus. An efficient public transport system also makes it easy to travel between your residence, campus and the city centre.


Many Danes rent out extra rooms for visitors or international students to stay. Just go to the tourist visitor information office for renting a room. The rates will vary and you will have to pay a booking fee to the tourist information office. Each home will be different, so you may wish to try a couple of them. Some will provide breakfast and some provide dinner too.

Bed and Breakfast:

Bed & Breakfast, which are homes that have been turned into mini hotels. The typical B & B has about 4 – 8 rooms, with each room furnished and decorated differently.


Rent an apartment or a house, which you share with friends. This type of accommodation provides an apartment that may be furnished or may not be. You have to pay some money in advance to rent an apartment.

Food Cost:

Average food expenses in Denmark will amount to (EUR)€200 – (EUR)€350 per month, depending on your spending habits. You can save a lot on food if you do your weekly shopping at discount supermarkets such as Bilka, Lidl, Netto, Fakta or Aldi.


On average, expect to spend about (EUR)€75 to (EUR)€80 per month on textbooks. In some subjects, like law and natural sciences, this figure is likely to be higher. Many student unions organize book sales where students can buy used textbooks cheaply; it’s also common for students to post notices on campus selling their used copies of previous years’ textbooks. Websites for buying used textbooks are also popular.

List of Other Expenses:

cost of living in denmark

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