Education System in Germany

Education in Germany

Germany is known for its world-class education and top ranking universities. It has become the number one priority for many international students for their studies. With more than 250,000 international students, Germany is rapidly becoming the most popular study destination after USA and UK. Every degree programme provides students with a certain level of academic qualification. When you choose a degree programme, you don’t only choose a subject of study. You’re also deciding on the degree you’d like to earn. German universities offer degree programmes that fit every wish and level of education.

Stracture of Education in Germany:

education in germany

Grading System of Higher Education in Germany:

education in germany

Types of Universities:

These institutions offer the whole range of academic disciplines. In the German tradition, universities focus in particular on basic research so that advanced stages of study have mainly theoretical orientation and research-oriented components.

University of Applied Sciences:

These institutions concentrate their study programmes in engineering and other technical disciplines, business-related studies, social work, and design areas. The common mission of applied research and development implies a distinct application-oriented focus and professional character of studies, which include integrated and supervised work assignments in industry, enterprises or other relevant institutions.

University of Arts:

These institutions offer studies for artistic careers in fine arts, performing arts and music; in such fields as directing, production, writing in theatre, film, and other media; and in a variety of design areas, architecture, media and communication.

Most universities in Germany are publicly financed. A few universities receive their funding from the Protestant or Catholic Church. However, there are 120 private universities, most of them universities of applied sciences; whose degrees are recognized by the state. Most students in Germany are applying at public universities. Only around 5.5 percent attend a private university. This is because private universities often charge high tuition fees. The quality of instruction at both types of universities is comparably good.

Types of Degrees:
Bachelor’s Degree:

Bachelor degree study programmes lay the academic foundations, provide methodological skills and lead to qualifications related to the professional field. The Bachelor degree grant after 3 to 4 years. The Bachelor degree programme includes a thesis requirement. Study courses leading to the Bachelor degree must be accredited according to the Law establishing a Foundation for the Accreditation of Study Programmes in Germany.

Master’s Degree:

Master study programmes may be differentiated by the profile types “practice-oriented” and “research-oriented”. The duration of this degree is one to two years. Higher Education Institutions define the profile. The Master degree study programme includes a thesis requirement. Study programmes leading to the Master degree must be accredited according to the Law establishing a Foundation for the Accreditation of Study Programmes in Germany.

 Integrated Degree:

An integrated study program is either mono-disciplinary (i.e Diploma Degree) or comprises a combination of either two major or one major and two minor fields. The first stage (1.5 – 2 years) focuses on board orientations and foundations of the field of study. An intermediate Examination is prerequisite to enter the second stage of advanced studies and specializations. Degree requirements include submission of a thesis (i.e up to 6 months duration) and comprehensive final written and oral examinations. Similar regulations apply to studies leading to a Staatsprüfung. The level of qualification is equivalent to the Master level.

Doctorate / PhD:

Universities as well as specialized institutions of university standing and some Universities of Art/Music are doctorate-granting institutions. To get admission for a doctoral degree needs a qualified Master degree proof.

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