Sections in TOEFL

Sections in TOEFL

There are two types of TOEFL tests in present days i.e TOEFL PBT (Paper Based Test) and TOEFL iBT (Internet Based Test). The total Duration of the test is 4 hr 30 min. The result will come within 14 days of your exam. . A candidate may retake a test as many times required. But the test cannot be taken within 12 hrs of the previous exam taken.

 The TOEFL PBT is a very different test from the TOEFL iBT. It does not have the four same sections. Instead, there is Reading, Writing, Listening and a separate essay. The Reading and Listening sections as similar to the TOEFL iBT, but not the same. For example Listening recordings are shorter on the TOEFL PBT. The TOEFL PBT is scored from 310 to 677.

The TOEFL iBT is introduced in 2005 and is a replacement of TOEFL CBT (Computer Based Test). It has four sections such as Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. All four sections are completed at a computer, with a microphone—test takers do not talk to anybody during the IBT nor complete any paper exercises. There is no grammar section and no vocabulary section, unlike many other English tests. The TOEFL iBT is scored from0 to 120.

The Reading section consists of questions on 4 to 6 passages, each approximately 700 words in length and 12 – 14 questions per passage. The passages are on academic topics; they are the kind of material that might be found in an undergraduate university textbook. Passages required understanding of rhetorical functions such as cause-effect, compare-contrast and argumentation. This section tests your ability to understand and interpret college-level academic writing. The TOEFL reading section will probably be a bit more difficult than most other tests you’ve taken. The duration of this section is 60 – 100 minutes.

The Writing section measures a test taker’s ability to write in an academic setting and consists of two tasks. One integrated and one independent. In the integrated task, test takers read a passage on an academic topic and then listen to a speaker discuss it. The test-taker then writes a summery about the important points in the listening passage and explains how these relate to the key points of the reading passage. In the independent task, the test-taker must write an essay that states their opinion and then explain it, rather than simply listening personal preferences or choice. The duration of this section is 50 – 60 minutes.

The listening section consists of questions on six passages, each 3 – 5 minutes in length. These passages include two student conversations and four academic lectures or discussions. The conversations involve a student and either a professor or a campus service provider. The lectures are a self-contained portion of an academic lecture, which may involve student participation and does not assume specialized background knowledge in the subject area. The duration of this section is 60 – 90 minutes.

The Speaking section consists of six tasks, from them two independent and four integrated. In the two independent tasks, test-takers answer opinion questions on familiar topics. They are evaluated on their ability to speak spontaneously and convey their ideas clearly and coherently. In two of the integrated tasks, test-takers read a short passage, listen to an academic course lecture. In two remaining integrated tasks, test-takers listen to an academic course lecture or a conversation about campus life and then respond to a question about what they heard. The duration of this section is 20 minutes.

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