Why Study in Denmark

Denmark, with its 406 islands and 7,300 km of coastlines, is experiencing a steady growing number of exchange students. As one of Europe’s oldest nations and rising not higher than 173 m above the sea line – Denmark offers a pleasant stay, full with cultural experiences and a high-quality education system. The Kingdom of Denmark has a long and interesting history as a constitutional monarchy dating back to the year 1000, making it one of the oldest states in Europe. According to World Happiness Report, Denmark is the happiest place on earth. There are a number of reasons that why study in Denmark instead of considering other countries.

Popular Landmark:

Denmark is a gold mine for students wishing to study history, anthropology, geography, the social sciences, and many more. It boasts an abundance of historical sites and museums, which showcase thousands of years of culture and tradition of the Nordic people. Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen was built by the famous Scandinavian king, Christian IV, in the early 17th century. For those seeking contemporary thrills, The Tivoli Gardens is also situated in Copenhagen. It is one of the most popular amusement parks in Europe.

Social Life:

At most institutions of higher education, social life is vital and varied. The students themselves are the driving force behind parties, cafés, excursions and student politics. Fredagsbar, as the Danish name indicates is an open café; usually held on Fridays, is very popular among the domestic as well as international student community.

Experience True Diversity:

Diversity is another major issue in our world today. Over the last century, technology made it easier to travel around the world. Sweden is a very diverse country. But, it doesn’t just allow diversity. Like everything else we have looked at, Sweden works hard to promote diversity. Sweden has consistently ranked among the best countries for equality in the world. It is also ranked among the best in gender equality and LGBT rights.


The best reason to study abroad in Denmark is the hygge. Hygge is essentially an untranslatable word in Danish culture, but at most, you can describe it as the warm cuddly feeling you get snuggling under a blanket during a chilly night combined with the gooey warm feeling you get when surrounded by excellent company. The closest word to it in English is cozy, but it’s so much more than that. It’s generally induced by a hot cup of tea, some form of delicious freshly baked goods in the oven, and great friends.

Unique Food Culture:

Another reason to study abroad in Denmark is to experience the country’s unique food culture. For breakfast, Danish folk will often have a dish called “junket crumble” or “ymerdrys.” It consists of crumbled rye bread mixed with brown sugar. Another morning dish you can experience as a study abroad student is “wienerbrød,” a Danish pastry filled with custard. Breakfast is usually the celebration time in Denmark, whereas dinner is the common American celebratory mealtime. The average lunch consists of cold meats such as roast chicken, fish, and sausage on rye bread with toppings.

Sports Activities:

For students interested in sports activities, there are plenty of options both on campus and in public and private clubs and organizations.

Getting Around:

The roads in Denmark are of good quality and relatively congestion-free, which means that you can easily get to the countryside and enjoy the nature as well as the charming small villages. The bicycle is a much-used means of transportation in Denmark and an excellent alternative to a car. It is very easy, cheap and practical to have a bike and your fellow Danish students will have one too. In fact, Denmark is a nation of cyclists!

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