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Why Study In Lithuania

Studying in Lithuania puts you at the heart of Europe, where age-old traditions meet new age charm. Lithuania has been making giant strides in economic development, which is also evident from its education infrastructure that is truly world class. With tuition fees and living cost at reasonable levels and unlimited opportunities to explore, studying in Lithuania offers total value for the money. Here are some reasons that why study in Lithuania.

High-Quality Education:

Lithuania is home to excellent universities and colleges. Since the 16th century they have always been known for their high level of teaching and quality of education. This is probably the reason why the population of Lithuania is one of the most educated in the Europe. And also no IELTS required to study as an international student.


Lithuanian is considered as one of the official languages of the European Union. What makes this so interesting is that it is known to be the most “conservative” form of Indo-European Language because it is the only language of its kind that has retained attributes of Proto-Indo-European. This may sound a little intimidating but don’t worry if studying a new language is the last thing on your to do list.  Students can often converse in English if they wish.

Welcoming Nation:

Lithuanians are one of the most educated and bilingual nations in Europe. After your studies, you are sure to leave with many new acquaintances and life-long friends.

Multi-lingual Country:

Lithuanians are friendly and often multi-lingual, with two-thirds of the population able to speak at least two foreign languages. Around 30% of Lithuanians are proficient in English, which is especially common in the younger population. You may wish to try and learn the basics of the Lithuanian language to help you to communicate with locals during your stay, and some universities offer courses to help international students integrate with the language and culture of Lithuania.

Things to Explore:

The capital city of Vilnius contains nearly two thousand medieval, renaissance, gothic, and baroque style buildings within its Old Town area. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is one of the largest and best preserved medieval quarters in Europe. Not far away is the stunning Trakai Castle. It stands on an island in Galva Lake and was built in the 14th century. The Gothic structure is made out of red brick and has been painstakingly repaired throughout its life in order to preserve it. It now includes a museum of the castle’s history and the courtyard hosts concerts and events in the summertime.  


Traditional Lithuanian food can be summed up in one word: potatoes. You name it and they make it. The spud spectrum includes everything from potato pies to potato sausages and they are easy to find hot and fresh almost anywhere. The Italians may have their crispy pizza and homemade spaghetti, and the French have their rich crème brûlée, but Lithuanians offer the simple, yet palate pleasing zeppelin. And the unpronounceable šaltibarščiai, a cold soup of minced beets, cucumber, dill and a hard-boiled egg.

Relive the Cold War:

Around Lithuania you’ll find scattered military remains from when the country was part of the Soviet Union. The most fascinating – and frightening – of these arguably is a former Soviet nuclear missile base hidden among the forests and lakes of Žemaitija National Park. Don’t panic, the missiles have long since been decommissioned, but that chilling ‘Dr Strangelove’ effect remains intact.

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