Cost of Living in Sweden

Living expenses are directly related to the location where you are residing. Big cities are usually expensive than smaller towns. Monthly living costs for students in Sweden are a bit above than other European countries and you would spend on average 850 – 1,000 Euro per month.

Types of Accommodations:
On-Campus Dormitories:

Dormitories usually have a community kitchen, study area, and a number of other community facilities that you can enjoy with the other people in the dormitory. Depending on where you attend university, you may be able to have your own room; you may share a room with someone else. Prices for dormitory rooms range anywhere from 400 Euro and up per semester.


Flats are nice, because they give you a sense of independence that you can’t get in a dormitory environment. Even if you have roommates, they have a separate room than you and you can usually have some privacy. You also have everything you need, like a kitchen and other facilities that can help drive your cost of living down a bit, especially when compared to dormitory life. Prices for dormitory rooms range anywhere from 200 – 500 Euro per month.


Another option that you have when going to Sweden is using a homestay program. The Homestay Sweden website can actually give you a number of options when it comes to homestay. If you’ve never heard of a homestay program, you essentially rent a room with a family, and become integrated into the family while you are staying in Sweden. This could help you to learn Swedish better, if you wish to do so, and it can give you a look into the culture that you may not have gotten if you stayed in a dormitory. In this accommodation you get meals also.

cost of living in sweden

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