Why Study in Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe, bordered by Norway and Finland. It is the third largest country in the European Union by area, with a population of about 9.9 million. Over the years, universities in the country have been steadily building their reputation as great educational providers that prepare students for the future. Here are some reasons that why study in Sweden.

Innovative Country:

Sweden is one of the world’s most modern countries, and the birthplace of many successful corporations. A number of successful inventions have resulted from research at Swedish universities and companies, including the computer mouse, Bluetooth, the pacemaker, the ball bearing, the dialysis machine, and internet applications such as Spotify and Skype. These recent inventions are built on a long history of excellence in academia and research in Sweden.

Best Advanced Degree Program:

Swedish master’s degree program offer unique opportunities to turn theory into practice. Many programs also work closely with the industry, offering students the possibility to combine study and practical work. You can take internships, apprenticeships, and even work part-time in fields that are related to your Advanced degree studies.

Gender Equality:

Swedish society is known for its inclusiveness and equality – you may have heard Sweden referred to as the most equal country in the world. It consistently places among the world’s top countries in gender equality, while lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in Sweden are regarded as among the most progressive in the world.

English Taught Courses:

Sweden is a desirable destination for international students, in part due to its reputation as a leading European country in English studies. As reported by the Institute of International Education, Sweden follows only the Netherlands and Germany in master’s coursework offerings in English, with 708 courses in a comprehensive range of fields, including both arts and sciences. This represents a push by European nations to compete with traditional destinations for English study in Europe, such as Great Britain and Australia.

Green Environment:

Environmental issues are high priority in Sweden. Sweden is considered the most sustainable country in the world for its use of renewable energy. It also has the highest percentage of renewable energy in the EU.

No Communication Barrier:

Almost all Swedes speak fluent English. Many Swedish companies use English as their official working language. Foreign students find that this prevalence of English makes adapting to their new surroundings much easier.

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