Education System in Italy

Higher Education in Italy

Italy possesses the third largest higher education system in Europe after France and Germany. Higher Education in Italy is primarily provided by a large international network of public and state-affiliated universities. The Italian’s Ministry of Education is responsible for the State-run universities in Italy. Italian universities are among the oldest institutions in the world. Higher education in Italy falls into two discrete classes: university education and non-university education. The entire higher education sector underwent a drastic change at the end of the 1990s with special emphasis on the University education sector. The objective was to establish a common higher education area in Europe that allows an easy credit transfer.

education in italy

Grading System:

education in italy

Types of Higher Education Institutions:

Universities in Italy focus on the Education and research.  Currently, the university sector consists of 116 university institutions. Out of which, there are 67 State universities, 29 non-State universities that are legally recognized by the State, 3 universities for foreigners, 3 higher schools, special public academic institutions, 3 higher schools specialized in postgraduate university studies and 11 online universities.


Non-University sector covers the areas, such as arts, language mediation, psychotherapy at the postgraduate institutes, programs at the military academies, technical as well as vocation education and training, and so on.

Types of Degrees:
Bachelor’s Degree:

This is the first cycle University degree that aims to provide undergraduates with knowledge and professional related skills. This degree offered in Italy depends on the student’s qualification as well as career and institution preference. In science and particularly in Engineering, the major programs which include electrical, mechanical and civil are offered with additional majoring courses such as industrial design among others. Medical courses are also available with majors in fields such as surgery and dental medicine. Bachelor degrees in the arts range from marketing, design, tourism, linguistics and many other business courses. The duration of the degree is 3 years.

Master’s Degree:

Italy has a rich tradition of higher education and has been a leader in adopting new standards for master degrees. This degree provides the graduates with advanced education and training for specific fields or sectors. The duration of the degree is 2 years.

PhD / Doctorate Degree:

This degree provides postgraduates with training for highly specialized research. You can take admission to this degree after completing your master’s degree and the duration is 5 to 6 years.

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