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Living in Australia

When studying in Australia, one of the most important things to consider is how much money that you need to have in order to be comfortable. Knowing the average living cost in Australia is an important part of your financial preparation. Living cost includes accommodation, food, clothing and transportation and will vary according to your lifestyle. As a general the average international student in Australia spends nearly (AUD)$1,550 per month, that includes accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transport, telephone bill etc.

Types of accommodation:

Some Australian families are allowing international students to stay in their home, and it is a great way for international students to fully integrate themselves into Australian life. Single or shared rooms are generally available and costs varies by type of room, but are usually between (AUD)$100 to $300 per week. Although meals are generally covered under the cost, self-catered home-stays are also being available.


Many students in Australia choose to share the cost of a rental property with several housemates. Students who choose this type of housing may either move into pre-established household, or they may set up a household with friends. Students generally have to provide some or all of the household’s furniture, as rental properties are rarely furnished. Rental accommodations generally cost around (AUD)$100-A$400 per week, and shared rental accommodations cost around (AUD)$70-A$250 per week. These accommodations usually require payment of rent in advance, as well as a security payment, which is generally equal to one month’s rent, paid up front.

On-Campus Housing:

some Australian universities do provided housing for their students through residential colleges, halls of residence, or apartments. Prices and availability of accommodations vary according to the university, so international students should contact their institution prior to their arrival in Australia. Students should also apply early, as these accommodation options are less and very popular. Generally, on-campus accommodation costs around (AUD)$70-A$300 per week.

Residential Colleges:

Residential colleges provide students with accommodation, meals, cleaning, and a range of services for social and academic needs. Because of the wide range of services offered, they are generally more expensive than halls of residence, which also offer accommodations, but with fewer added services than residential colleges. Halls of residence accommodations include some meals and cleaning services, but self-catering facilities are also available for students who wish to be more independent.

Food Cost:

A weekly grocery bill for one person is usually between (AUD)$70 to $300. You can save money by buying groceries at supermarkets including Coals, Woolworths and Aldi. Meals are cost nearly (AUD)$16 to $75, depending on how fancy the restaurant is. If you want a combo meal at a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s, then it costs (AUD)$8 to $10.


living in australia

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