What is Business?

Business Graduate Programs offer students with undergraduate business degrees the expanded preparation for potential careers in business management and leadership positions. Business graduate school also provides excellent career direction in areas such as accounting, finance, marketing and public administration.

Business knowledge and skills are being applied to almost every industry in the business world. This is one reason why business graduate programs may help prepare students for entry into a wide variety of potential career paths. If you aspire to pursue a career as a top executive, financial analyst, marketer, advertising executive, human resource manager, management analyst or accountant, you may benefit from earning a graduate degree in business!

Programs of Business:

Accounting degrees involve learning how to measure, process, analyze and communicate financial information about an organization to a variety of concerned parties, including investors, creditors, management, regulators and the general public in order to facilitate improvements and adherence to established rules and guidelines.

The Business Administration and Management program is designed for students whose goals include business management, human resource management, self-employment, entrepreneurial ventures, or a variety of different careers. This program helps develop skills as a management generalist, offering maximum flexibility in career choices. 

Business information systems graduate programs are for professionals who want to develop their knowledge and skillset in the area of business information systems. An information system, as you may already know, is basically an organized system that collects, organizes, stores, and communicates information. It comprises the information, hardware and software of the system and the people and organizations that collect, filter, process, create, and distribute data.

Ecommerce and social media graduate programs are designed to help professionals develop their knowledge and abilities to use technology to connect, transact and ultimately, conduct business online. They may impart a curricula designed to teach students the business, technical, and management components of engaging and exchanging—socially and commercially—online and through other digital means. With the proliferation of online applications and platforms, such as marketplaces, social media sites, and numerous others, having knowledge and skills in these areas may be critical to businesses’ success.

Economics Graduate Programs explore the theories, methods, and principles of economic and statistical data in areas such as finance, labor, and agriculture. As a social science, economics is the branch of knowledge that studies the production and distribution of resources, goods, and services. Graduate economics programs typically stress the application of economics theory to modern economic problems. Persons who work to earn a graduate degree in economics might develop original research skills and the ability to think critically as they evaluate economic issues and trends with an eye to problem-solve.

Entrepreneurship graduate programs help prepare students with the skills and knowledge to start a new business. Programs take a comprehensive approach that combines theoretical business know-how with practical application. Courses try to cover what a company needs to effectively function. Topics could include accounting, team management, decision-making, development and more. Students may then have the opportunity to step into real-world business situations and apply their skillset alongside working professionals.

Environment and Agriculture Graduate programs discuss key dynamics between ecology, environmental policy and agricultural production. Many graduate programs in environment and agriculture meld case studies and regional science. This fusion links program content with local concerns about such things as biodiversity, contemporary farming methods, and climate change.

Finance Graduate Programs could prepare students to plan, manage and analyze the money, assets and investments of business enterprises. Students are often able to build expertise in a niche such as corporate finance, risk management or investment banking.

Health administration or healthcare administration is the field relating to the leadership, management, and administration of public health systems, hospitals, health care systems, medical practices and residential facilities. Essentially it is the intersection of business and healthcare. Also known as healthcare management, it involves the planning and coordinating of medical and health services, as well as day to day administrative duties ranging from budgeting to HR management.

Hospitality management has core applications that pertain to business, and is concerned with hotel administration or management and tourism management. Hospitality management also covers sports venues, hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing organizations, convention centers and country clubs.

Human resources management, or HRM, typically involves directing and coordinating the administrative aspects of a business or organization. In particular, human resources managers usually oversee the hiring of new employees, including recruiting and interviewing. They may help both managers and employees to maintain productivity, use company talent effectively, and make sure laws and policies are followed.

International business basically comprises of the commercial and economic transactions made by businesses, governments, nonprofits, and other organizations across borders and between countries. Commercial transactions might include goods, services, or resources. Economic transactions might include capital, skills, people, and more.

Marketing and advertising graduate programs offer students the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge of public relations, sales, merchandising, consumer behavior and promotional campaigns. Some programs offer the technical and analytic approach to marketing research, while others offer an integrated perspective that combines different forms of communication and advertising with sound marketing strategy. With the rise of digital media, and Internet marketing, employment in some of these sectors is expected to grow over the next decade, and those who can navigate the new media and technology are expected to have the best prospects.

Nonprofit Management Graduate Programs seek to prepare students to lead a nonprofit organization and help them achieve success. Courses may focus on both the creation of long-term plans and how to conduct day-to-day administrative duties. 

Operations management is a dynamic field that focuses on making sure an organization runs as efficiently as possible. In other words, in this position, you’d use your business acumen and analytical skills to manage your resources—supply chain, personnel, technology, and processes—to help your team succeed. You might be responsible for things like balancing cost with revenue, figuring out how to utilize staff efficiently, or managing supply chain and logistics.

Organizational leadership is a style of management that aims to balance the needs of team members with the success of the whole. Organizational leadership theories are used to make strategic decisions to lead a company to success. Or work to create a positive office environment and empower the individual.

Project management graduate programs cover the many aspects of project planning and execution. This includes a number of factors which can range from cost analysis and accounting for environmental threats to negotiating with vendors and properly planning time, budget, and resources needs for completion. Students may also examine various leadership and management styles, and study how to identify which best fits different situations and organizations.

Public Administration and Policy Graduate programs teach how to support public and non-profit agencies, and understand and evaluate public policies and government systems. Students may explore areas as diverse as budgeting, government relations, politics, and the drafting and implementation of governmental and public policy. Many public administration programs also focus on developing leadership and administrative abilities, to help graduates manage public resources effectively and lead teams and organizations in government, politics, and public affairs.

Real estate graduate programs could prepare students to practice real estate and property management in a variety of capacities by building a foundation of core knowledge and skills of real estate practice. Classes could expose students to key concepts in development, finance, sustainability, market analysis, real estate law, and more. In addition to general real estate concepts, students may also explore specific methods for conducting business in the private or public sector, urban development, housing and sustainability.

Sports management courses may touch on specific topics in management and leadership to forecast new developments and help students adapt to the rapidly changing sports environment. They may also cover aspects of sports administration, including talent acquisition, athlete representation and coaching.

Technology Management Graduate Programs blend knowledge of business functions such as budgeting and human resources with computer technology competencies that could include software design and network planning. Technology managers oversee all the information resources of their organization so that duties are prioritized. These resources may include computer hardware and software, data, networks, tech support and employees. The end goal may be to expand into global markets, find creative solutions to challenges, manage change within their organization and maximize revenues.

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