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Cost of Studying in USA

While the USA remains the world’s most popular destination for international students, it’s also among the most expensive choices to study there. The cost of studying in USA varies from institutions to institutions depending on what type of degree you want t study and which program you select. Private institutions are more expensive than public institutions, because they are not funded by the government. The cost of tuition fee is between (USD)$10,000 to (USD)$50,000 per year. So many scholarship options are there for international students, which helps them financially during their study.

Most Affordable Universities in USA:

Arkansas State University —————————— average tuition fee is (USD)$14,000 per year

University of Dayton —————————————- average tuition fee is (USD)$18,000 per year

University of Texas at Texas Arlington ———- average tuition fees is (USD)$18,000 per year

Texas A & M University —————————- average tuition fees is (USD)$19,000 per year

Most Expensive University in USA:

University of Pennsylvania ————————- average tuition fee is (USD)$49,536 per year

Johns Hopkins University ————————– average tuition fee is (USD)$48,710 per year

Boston University ———————————— average tuition fee is (USD)$35,676 per year

New York University ——————————— average tuition fee is (USD)$46,170 per year

(Note: All the above mentioned tuition fees are varies from time to time as per university)


One of the reasons that many international students decide to attend university in the United States is because there are a lot of scholarships available for them. Fulbright Foreign Student Program, it is the most popular government-funded USA scholarships for international students, Fulbright offers scholarships for graduate students, young professionals and artists to study in the US for one year or more. Open to international students in all fields excluding medicine. Another one is Abbey Road Summer Scholarship, it is offering USA scholarships worth (USD)$1,000 for language and art students, as well as (USD)$500 fellowships for “summer enrichment” at institutions within the states. Many other scholarships are also available for international students.

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