Education System in France

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Education in France

The flexibility of French higher education allows you to design an academic itinerary that is perfectly suited to your goals and background. Thousands of possibilities exist in every field of knowledge. Somewhere in France, there’s a program that meets your personal goals. More likely you’ll find a multitude. International students who already have begun their higher education in France, and who may even hold a university degree, may obtain further training in France. Many opportunities exist for students to transfer into degree programs and receive credit for the post-secondary work they have already done.

education in france

Grading System in France:

education in france

Types of Universities:
Public Universities:

France has 83 public universities offers academic, technical and professional degree programs in all disciplines, preparing you for careers in research and professional practice in every imaginable field. From around 2.1 million students in French higher education system, 75 to 80 percentages of students attend the country’s public universities. The universities offer programs in all disciplines, and awarded degrees at every level.

Grande Ecoles:

These prestigious and uniquely French institutions may be either public or private. There are around 240 Grande Ecoles in France offering degrees in business, engineering, political science and other specialized fields. The basic degree offered in the Grande Ecoles is equivalent to a master’s degree and generally takes five years to complete. Depending whether the university is public or private, the annual tuition fees range on average from €500 to €10,000.

Types of Degree:
Licence Degree / Bachelor’s Degree:

This degree is awarded following upon completion of a university programme of 180 ECTS credits (3 years). Bachelor’s degree with academic orientation gives access to master’s programmes.

Master’s Degree:

The duration of the master’s degree is 2 years with 120 ECTS credits. The programmme consist of a foundation year, after which students select one of 2 tracks.

Doctorate Degree:

The cycle education concluded by the Doctorate which leads to the degree of Docteur. The minimal duration is 3 years. The degree of Docteur is giving after a public defense of the doctoral thesis and is comparable the Dutch doctor.

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