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Opportunity for Jobs in France

As English needs to be spoken there will be plenty of employment for anyone who wants to teach English. A specific level has to be reached in both French and English, but once you have the qualification the jobs will come through. It is more than likely that after a number of years at university will ensure that you need to get into paid employment as soon as possible. If however you are in a position to work as a volunteer for a year, there will be a great deal of experience gained and this will give you the chance of a better job when you do get paid employment.

jobs in france

Once you have obtained a degree equivalent to a Master’s or higher degree, you may request a temporary residence permit after expiration of your “student” residence permit. The temporary residence permit is valid for six months and is non-renewable. If you sign an employment contract that is in a field related to your studies and whose remuneration is at least equal to one and a half times the SMIC, you will then be able to work full time and request a change in status from student to employee.

International students are entitled to work part time up to 20 hours a week. French legislation now authorizes foreign students to work a maximum of 964 hours per year. In France there is a guaranteed minimum salary of (EUR)€8.71 per hour.

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