Education System in Singapore

Higher Education in Singapore

Singapore has created a name for itself as the education hub of Asia. The system of higher education in Singapore is productive in Singapore is productive and competitive, and encourages students to strive for better results and performances. Courses and qualifications are offered through Public Universities, Colleges, and Private Education Institutes. The Singapore Higher Education is managed and administered by the Ministry of Education (MoE). From the age of 17, students receive an education which trains them for their professional life. Junior colleges and centralized institutes act as a preparatory school for higher education and offer two-year or three-year programs, resulting in the GCE “A” Level examination. Polytechnics, on the other hand, have the intention of educating middle-level professionals in technical and economic fields with the program ending with an advanced diploma.

Structure of Higher Education in Singapore: 

education in singapore

Grading System in Singapore:

education in singapore

Types of Higher Education Institutes:

Singapore has a number of universities. The universities are publicly funded, private, national and branch campuses of foreign higher education institutions. Most of the universities offer a board range of subjects from theology, arts and humanities, law, economics and business administration, sociology and social sciences, medicine, natural sciences, mathematics and computer science, engineering, agricultural and forestry science. The time duration of degree course is 3 to 5 years.


The polytechnics in Singapore offer practice-oriented studies at the diploma level. Polytechnics are key providers of continuing education and post-employment professional development services. Presently there are five polytechnics in Singapore. A wide array of courses is offered at polytechnics that include Info-communications, Business Studies, Design, Engineering and Mass Communication. The polytechnics also offer specialized courses like Marine Engineering, Film & Arts, Nautical Studies, and Optometry. The duration of polytechnics is generally 3 years.

Institute of Technical Education:

The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) offers technical-oriented studies. ITE develops technical knowledge and skills of the students and prepares them for several industry sectors. Students are given the option of choosing between full or part-time educational or traineeship courses. Courses offered at ITE are applied sciences, business, design and media, electronics and information communications technology, engineering and hospitality. The duration of ITE courses are generally 1 to 3 years.

Specialized Arts Schools:

The Nanyang academy of Fine arts (NAFA) and LASALLE College of the Arts (LASALLE) are the specialized arts schools that offer specialist creative education to enhance your artistic ability. These arts schools offer both diploma and degree courses.

Private Education:

Private Education offers alternative choices to those trying to boost their studies or enhance their skills.

Types of Degrees:

Diploma programs are conducted by private colleges and other foreign Institutions and are available in various study fields. Duration of the course is 1 to 2 years and entry or the program is successful completion of Grade 12.

Polytechnic Diploma: 

A Polytechnic Diploma is offered by Polytechnics in Singapore, and the program requires three years of full-time study after the GCE O-levels, High School or Higher Secondary. Polytechnics are usually for students who want to take up technical or vocational studies.

Bachelor’s Degree: 

The duration of an undergraduate course in Singapore is three to four years. The degrees awarded after completing the undergraduate courses are Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS) and Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng). Students are eligible for the Bachelor’s degree after GCE A level, Grade 12 or a Polytechnic degree.

Master’s Degree: 

The duration of a postgraduate full-time course is one to two years. Students require a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent to pursue a Master’s course.

PhD / Doctorate Degree: 

A doctoral programme can be taken up after a student has completed both his Bachelors and Masters programme.  The duration of a Ph.D. programme is from two to five years. A Ph.D. degree is awarded after a minimum of 2 years of research or study in a specific area.

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