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Jobs in Singapore

As an international student who has completed his/her graduation from a select university in Singapore, you will be allowed to apply for a ‘Long Term Visit Pass’ which will enable you to stay in Singapore for a maximum period of 1 year even if you don’t have a job. This gives international students an additional year to seek employment. Most Singaporean universities have a separate department called ‘Careers Services’ to help students who are seeking part – time or full – time employment.

jobs in singapore

Singapore has a lot to offer foreign graduates, being a highly developed country with one of the most successful economies in the world. Its cosmopolitan workforce is efficient and productive, and in growth areas such as IT, finance and software engineering, local talent needs to be supplemented with skilled foreign workers in order to meet demand. Gaining the qualifications and skills required in the job sectors where demand is greatest may help to improve your chances of finding employment. English is the language of commerce. A working visa is required but is straightforward to obtain and in most cases is sponsored by your employer.

Once you find a job, you will need to obtain a ‘Work Pass’ of one from or the other to work in Singapore. Most company operates on a five day week from Monday to Friday, although some may also be open on Saturday mornings. The average working week is 44 hours.

Full-time undergraduates are allowed to work part-time of up to 16 hours per week during term, and work full-time during vacation as the Ministry of Manpower has exempted them from applying for work permits.

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