Cost of Living in Singapore

The standard cost of living in Singapore is one of the best in Asia and the cost of living is comparatively low as basic items are reasonably priced when compared to other popular study destination like USA, UK or Australia. For an international student the average cost of living in Singapore is (SGD)$800 to $1750. However, a lot of it depends upon individual’s lifestyle.

Types of Accommodation:
University Hostel:

Most of the universities in Singapore provide hostel facilities for international students. But whether or not you will get this accommodation depends on the availability in the university hostel. This type of accommodation gives a room that can be a shared room or a single room with shared bathroom and laundry area. They do not provide meals.

Average cost is (SGD)$200 – $750 per month


International students those do not get a university hostel or want to stay outside the campus can explore flats for rent. These types of accommodations are available near university and provide room that can be single or shared with kitchen and bathroom. You have to arrange your food on your own.

Average cost is (SGD)$700 to $1,500 per month

Housing Development Board Flats:

HDB flats are cheaper than private room. However the location of these flats might not be feasible for international students who would otherwise prefer accommodations near the university. This type of accommodation provides same thing as private flat provides.

Average cost is (SGD)$200 – $1,200 per month


There are so many home-stays in Singapore for international students. Many families who live near the campuses offers home stay facility to students. This type of accommodation provides a room with bathroom and also provides meals.

Average cost is (SGD)$800 – $1,800 per month

Cost of Food:

Food is relatively cheap in Singapore. However, as elsewhere, food expenses depend on how extravagant you are. Food expenses can either be a marginal factor or a significant factor when calculating your average living costs depending on the lifestyle you choose to adopt in Singapore. If you cook at home, your average monthly personal food costs should come up to only about (SGD)$200 to $300 per person for basic meat and vegetables.

cost of living in singapore

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