* Northumbria University

Northumbria University, officially the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, is a university located in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England. A former polytechnic, it was established as one of the new universities in 1992. It is a member of the University Alliance and the second university of Newcastle.

Northumbria University has its origins in three Newcastle colleges: Rutherford College of Technology, which was established by John Hunter Rutherford in 1880 and opened formally in 1894 by the Duke of York (later King George V), the College of Art & Industrial Design and the Municipal College of Commerce.

Animation MA
Applied Linguistics for TESOL MA
Architecture MArch
Arts MRes
Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC)
Biotechnology MSc
Business Graduate Diploma
Business with Business Analytics MSc
Business with Hospitality and Tourism Management MSc
Business with Human Resource Management MSc
Business with International Management and Finance MSc
Business with International Management and Marketing MSc
Business with International Management MSc
Business with Management and Marketing MSc
Business with Management MSc
Clinical Exercise Physiology MSc
Commercial Law LLM
Computer Network Technology MSc
Computer Science MSc
Computing and Information Technology MSc
Conservation of Fine Art MA
Construction Project Management with BIM MSc
Creative and Cultural Industries Management MA
Creative Writing MA
Criminology and Criminal Justice MA
Cyber Security MSc
Design MA
Design Management MA
Design MRes


Digital Marketing MSc
Early Years Education
Education MA
Electrical Power Engineering MSc
Engineering Management MSc
English Literature MA
English Literature MRes
Environmental Health MSc
Exercise Science MRes
Forensic Accounting MSc
Forensic Science MSc
Global Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain Management MSc
Health Psychology MSc
History MA
History MRes
Information Science (Data Analytics) MSc
Interior Architecture Postgraduate Certificate
International Business Management MSc
International Commercial Law LLM
International Development MSc
International Finance and Investment MSc
International Financial Management MSc
International Sport Management MSc
International Trade Law LLM
Legal Practice Postgraduate Diploma
LLM in Bar Professional Training
LLM in Legal Practice
Luxury Brand Management MA
Mass Communication Management MSc
Master of Fine Art (MFA)
Master of Public Health
Master of Public Health (Nutrition)
Mechanical Engineering MSc
Microbiology MSc
Microelectronic and Communications Engineering MSc
Midwifery Studies Postgraduate Diploma
MSc Business with Management and Finance
MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology
Multidisciplinary Innovation MA MSc
Nursing (Adult) MNurs
Nursing (Child) MNurs
Nursing (Mental Health) MNurs
Nursing Leadership MSc
Nursing MSc
Nutritional Science MSc
Occupational and Organisational Psychology MSc
Primary Education PGCE
Project Management MSc
Psychology MRes
Psychology MSc
Real Estate (International) MSc
Real Estate MSc
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technologies MSc
Safety, Health and Environmental Management MSc
Secondary Art, Craft and Design PGCE
Social Sciences MRes
Social Work MA
Sport and Exercise Psychology MSc
Statistics MSc
Strength and Conditioning MSc
Theatre and Performance MA


GPA / Percentage: 2.2 / 55% +







Overall Score : 6.5
Min Reading   : 5.5
Min Writing    : 5.5
Min Speaking  : 5.5
Min Listening  : 5.5



Fall intake / Aug – Sep:

Under Graduate                                      N /A
Master’s                                                    N / A
Ph.D                                                          N /A



Spring intake / Jan – Feb:

Under Graduate                                      N /A
Master’s                                                    N / A
Ph.D                                                          N /A



Summer intake / June – July:

Under Graduate                                      N /A
Master’s                                                    N / A
Ph.D                                                          N /A



Under Graduate: £14,000 per year



Master’s : £14,000 per year



Ph.D : £14,000 per year