* Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is a public research university in London, England, and a constituent collegeof the federal University of London. It dates back to the foundation of London Hospital Medical College in 1785. Queen Mary College, named after Mary of Teck, was admitted to the University of London in 1915 and in 1989 merged with Westfield College to form Queen Mary and Westfield College. In 1995 Queen Mary and Westfield College merged with St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College and the London Hospital Medical College to form the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Global MBA
Mental Health: Psychological Therapies MSc
Accounting and Finance MSc
Laws LLM
Marketing MSc
Bioinformatics MSc
Computer Science MSc
Management MSc
Business Finance MSc
International Business MRes
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology MSc
Freshwater and Marine Ecology MSc
Investment and Finance MSc
Physics: Theoretical Physics MSc
Public Policy MSc
International Relations MA
International Financial Management MSc
Public Policy MRes
Innovation and Enterprise MRes
International Public Policy MSc
Legal Theory LLM
Tax Law LLM
International Human Resource Management MSc
Computing and Information Systems (conversion programme) MSc
Dental Science for Clinical Practice MSc
Big Data Science with Industrial Experience MSc
Sports and Exercise Medicine – Medic MSc
Management of Intellectual Property MSc
Commercial and Corporate Law LLM
Global Public Health and Policy MSc
Aerospace Engineering MSc
History MA
Geography MRes
Biomaterials MSc
Geography MSc
London Studies MA
Global Health Geographies MA
Finance MSc
Economics MSc
Finance MRes
Global Health Geographies MRes
Global Development Futures MRes
Computer Aided Engineering MSc
Clinical Microbiology MSc
Global Development Futures MA
Astrophysics MSc
Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc
Economics MRes
Cities and Cultures MRes
Sustainable Energy Systems MSc


Cities and Cultures MA
Public International Law MRes
Theatre and Performance MA
Regenerative Medicine MSc
Human Rights Law MRes
Behavioral Finance MSc
Biomedical Engineering (conversion programme) MSc
Mechanical Engineering (conversion programme) MSc
Investment Banking MSc
Internet of Things MSc
Linguistics MRes
Big Data Science MSc
Public Services MRes
Environmental Science by Research MSc
Heritage Management MA
Wealth Management MSc
Dental Technology MSc
Oral Biology MSc
Linguistics MA
Development and Global Health MA
English Literature: English Literature MA
Telecommunication and Wireless Systems MSc
International Primary Health Care MSc
Entrepreneurship and Innovation MSc
Clinical Endocrinology MSc
Finance and Econometrics MSc
Finance and Econometrics MRes
Biomedical Science (Medical Microbiology) MSc
Work and Organisation MRes
International Financial Management Public Administration MRes
Documentary Practice MA
Economics and Econometrics MRes
Accounting and Management MSc
Electronic Engineering by Research MSc
Neuroscience and Translational Medicine MSc
Dental Public Health MSc
Aquatic Ecology by Research MSc
Critical Care MSc
Comparative Literature MA
Banking and Finance MSc
International Relations MRes
Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics MSc
Sound and Music Computing MSc
Cancer and Therapeutics MSc
Genomic Medicine MSc
Film Studies MA


Telecommunication and Wireless Systems Management MSc
Business Analytics MSc
Mathematical Finance MSc
Software Engineering with Industrial Experience MSc
Global Health Law and Governance MRes
Criminal Justice LLM
Global Public Health and Policy MRes
International Business and Politics MRes
Forensic Medical Sciences MSc
Media Law LLM
European Law LLM
Insurance Law LLM
Immigration Law LLM
Environmental Law LLM
Competition Law LLM
International Human Resource Management MRes
Migration, Culture and Global Health MSc
Clinical Drug Development MSc
Global Health, Law and Governance MSc
Cancer and Clinical Oncology MSc
Clinical Drug Development MSc
Advanced Electronic and Electrical Engineering MSc
Software Engineering MSc
Global Health Systems Theory and Policy MRes
Public International Law LLM
Creative Industries and Arts Organisation MA
International Economic Law MRes
Development and International Business MSc
International Economic Law LLM
Financial Computing MSc
Art, Business and Law LLM
Network Science MSc
Computer and Communications Law LLM
Banking and Finance Law LLM
International Business MSc
Polymer Science and Nanotechnology MSc
Geography MA
Gastroenterology MSc
Mathematics MSc
Dental Materials MSc
Criminal Justice MRes
Immigration Law MRes
Biomedical Engineering MSc
Energy and Natural Resources Law LLM
Financial Computing (with IE) MSc
Law and Economics LLM 
Law and Finance MSc
International Business and Politics MSc
Creative Arts and Mental Health MSc



GPA / Percentage: 2.4 / 60% +







Overall Score : 6.5
Min Reading   : 6.0
Min Writing    : 6.0
Min Speaking  : 6.0
Min Listening  : 6.0



Fall intake / Aug – Sep:

Under Graduate                                      N /A
Master’s                                                    N / A
Ph.D                                                          N /A



Spring intake / Jan – Feb:

Under Graduate                                      N /A
Master’s                                                    N / A
Ph.D                                                          N /A



Summer intake / June – July:

Under Graduate                                      N /A
Master’s                                                    N / A
Ph.D                                                          N /A



Under Graduate: £14,850 per year



Master’s : £14,850 per year



Ph.D : £14,850 per year