Why Study in UK

Wherever in the world you end up, if you have a degree from a UK university it will be recognize by employers, universities, and governments. As UK universities are associated with quality education, earning a degree from one of the UK’s many highly-regarded universities will aid your career progression.UK universities consistently rank highest in global university ranking as many have world-leading reputations for teaching and research. World-renowned experts in all different fields frequently visit UK universities to give talks and lectures. Here we discuss some benefits of study in UK as an international student.

High-Quality Education:

The UK has retained its position as a popular destination among international students owing to its long-standing tradition of providing quality education. The standard of teaching and research at UK universities and colleges is routinely assessed and graded by official organizations to ensure that set benchmarks are met.

Great Opportunity to improve English Language Skill:

Studying in the UK is a great way to improve your English. Every day you will get an opportunity to listen, learn and practice English by speaking with native speakers. English is the primary language of more than 400 million people in the world. The ability to speak fluent English is expedient for jobs in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Health Benefits:

Indian students in UK are eligible to receive free medical treatment by the NHS if enrolled in a full-time course. Your family will also be exempt from payment if they reside with you during the course of your study programme. Your college or university may have a special health policy for students too.

World’s Greatest Thinkers:

One in seven world leaders studied in the UK, and UK universities and research institutions have produced over 100 Nobel Prize winners. Mahatma Gandhi, George Soros, John F. Kennedy like great leaders are studied in UK.

Multi-Cultural Experience:

There were 4,50,676 international students from 180+ countries studying in UK and out of them Indian students were the 2nd largest group in UK. The UK is known for its multicultural society, with all religions and faiths represented in some way. With a racial, ethnic and religious jumble, the UK is very open to new traditions and cultures – something that is a great thing for students from other countries! You can also be sure that a place of worship will be easily accessible for most major religions.

Safe Place to Live:

There are 4.2 million closed circuit television cameras in UK; which translates to one per every 14 persons. The police do not carry guns and there is strict control on the possession of firearms. The country is not located near a plate boundary or mantle hot spots, hence it does not suffer from active volcanoes and large earthquakes as you would find in many other countries.  Compared to Africa and the tropics there are very few dangerous animals, insects and creeping snakes. It has been reported that adders are the only venomous snakes found in UK!


Financing an international education is always difficult. The best approach includes lots of preparation, careful analysis of your budget, and hard work in researching and applying for scholarships. There are a variety of scholarships and loans available to students who wish to study in the UK.

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