Cost of Living in UK

The cost of living in UK is going to vary depending on what part of the country you choose to live. If as a student, you decide to live in London then you will be paying much more than you would in other parts of the country. In a report London was ranked the 25th most expensive city to live in the world. There are ways to get rid of some of the cost but still be quite pricey. To live in the northern part of England is much cheaper than to live in the south part.

Types of accommodation in UK:
Halls of Residence:

This type of accommodation provides the opportunity to have a very independent living, make friends with other students. Generally the standard of this type of accommodation is very good but depending on how central you want to be, it can be quite expensive and limited to students who are no longer term stays. Many Halls of Residence will except you to commit to a contract for 1 year, so if you want to stay for a short period then this option may be unavailable to you.

Average cost is (GBP)£180 – £410 per week


This type of accommodation is a great option for longer term students who want a more independent life while studying. It is more difficult to get this type of accommodation because it needs proof of your credit details, a guarantor and a contract of at least 6 months. It provides 1 to 4 bedrooms with kitchen and bathroom. You can share your accommodation with others to split your cost.

Average cost is (GBP) £100 – £450 per week, plus bills


There are many families in UK who welcomes international students to stay in their home. This type of accommodation allows an international student to stay for a short-period or a long-period a room, food and bathroom which may be shared. Advantage of this type of accommodation are, you can practice your English language with native English speakers, know their culture and a better safety. The accommodation is inspected by the home-stay agency so that you can better assured of a good standard.

Average cost is (GBP) £120 – £250 per week


If you buy your own food, try and budget in about £30 to £35 per week to purchase food supply. To save money you can go to super marts.

Council Tax:

If you live in England, you have to pay Council Tax. They calculate how much you should pay per year based on where you live how many people live with you, if you live alone then it will cost less. This tax helps pay for trash collection, police force, fire help and street maintenance. The average cost is £22 per week.

Television License:

In England you must pay for a television license if you are watching TV at all, even if it’s on computer or tablet or mobile. The cost of the license is £149 per year. This tax is per home not per person, so if you have roommates then you split this cost with them.

cost of living in uk

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