Living in Dubai

Cost of living in Dubai can get expensive, so international students planning to study there are advised to be prepared to have a budget of anywhere between AED 5,500 – 16,000 per month. The budget can be lower if you can choose an affordable neighborhood.

When calculating the cost of living in Dubai, the first item you have to take care of is accommodation, which incidentally is also the most expensive. And this is in addition to expenses on food, transport, entertainment etc.

Types of Accommodations:
On-Campus Accommodation:

The popular option in Dubai is on-campus accommodation. But considering the top universities in Dubai have limited number of seats, which, in turn, tend to fill up quickly, you have to start early to stand a chance. There are different types of rooms from “Type A” to “Type G”. You have to pay a security deposit of(AED) 1,000 to get this accommodation.

living in dubai

Private Accommodation:

Private accommodation is always the first choice for many international students studying in Dubai. Some concerns you have to be deal with while finalizing your private accommodation in Dubai is how far it is from the university and what are add-on facilities being offered. You must also insist on a written agreement of the deal, one that is officially recognized.

living in dubai

Food Cost:

In Dubai, Food is also most expensive thing for international students after accommodation. The average cost of food is (AED)350  to (AED)750 per month depending on individuals. To save money you can go to supermart and buy foods for a week or more.

living in dubai

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