Top 5 Universities to Study in New Zealand

New Zealand – A land of ancient wisdom and old traditions of the indigenous Maori people; today is more than just its national bird- Kiwi. In our previous blog post, we enlightened you with this peaceful nation and underlined the reasons to choose this wonderful study abroad destination for your higher education.

Now that we are well aware of the perks that this country has to offer to its international students, let us dig deeper and find out about the top 5 universities where you would actually HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to experience global education in New Zealand.




It is one of the top universities in New Zealand standing at world rank of 82 as per QS world ranking universities 2018. It began its journey in 1883 as the University of New Zealand with just 95 students and 4 teaching staff. By the year 1961, it was dissolved and thus was formed the University of Auckland.

5 reasons to study here:

1. It carries an impressive student population of 42,000 including 6,000 international students from over 110 countries.

2. Offers more than 120 Undergraduate courses with latest developments to let students experience the best of its global education.

3. The university rests in the heart of a wonderful city of Auckland which ranks 28 among top 30 best student cities of the world.

4. The University is known for its excellent Research orientation, Employability, Teaching Facilities, Globalization, Innovation, and Inclusiveness.

5. Situated in the harbor city of Auckland, the university lies in the middle of an economic and cultural hub that allows international students to experience the best of country’s beaches and forest areas for recreation.

Did you know that HSBC chairman Vincent Cheng is
one of the notable alumni of University Of Auckland?




Within the efforts of Otago Association to create a European Settlement in the Southern part of the New Zealand, it was decided by the leaders to set up an institute of higher education. This allowed the formation of this university, as an affiliate of University of New Zealand, in 1869 with 100,000 acres of land and authority to grant official degrees in Arts, Medicine, Law, and Music. With the formation of the University of Auckland in 1961, the same year saw the birth of yet another jewel for the country- University of Otago.

5 reasons to study here:

1. Over 150 years of experience in dispensing world-class academic curriculum with a global reputation for excellence.

2. Ranks 151 in the QS world University rankings 2018 offering more than 195 UG and PG courses across all four major study areas – Health, Sciences, Humanities, and Business.

3. Home to over 18,500 students and 12,66 expert faculty with a comprehensive focus on research. An ideal destination for Ph.D. degree aspirants.

4. The first University of New Zealand to achieve Fair Trade status.

5. Over $15 Million worth of scholarships offered

Isn’t it amusing to see how intertwined the fate of these two top universities is, that began their journey almost at the same time only to become one of the top centers for global education!




It saw its formation as the Canterbury college in 1873 and is the first constituent of University of New Zealand. It was the second institution in the history of New Zealand to provide tertiary level education and it was not until 1957 when its name was changed to present day University of Canterbury.

5 reasons to study here:

1. 2nd oldest in New Zealand and 4th oldest university in Australasia founded by the scholars of Oxford and Cambridge universities.

2. Home to over 11,000 students and 698 faculty staff.

3. There are 3 flagship UG courses that are also one of the most sought after study areas in the world – Sports Coaching, Engineering and Speech and Language Therapy.

4. The university is located in the 2nd largest city of New Zealand – Christchurch which has one of the country’s lowest unemployment rates and highest economic growth rate.

5. Perfect location to experience the cosmopolitan and international city lifestyle with an hour’s drive from Alpine mountains, national parks, ski, and riversides.



5 reasons to study here:

1. Internationally Recognised and among the top 1.1% of Universities globally. Ranked highest in New Zealand for quality research that impacts issues of national and global considerations.

2. Two vibrant and lively campuses in Hamilton and Tauranga with small class size, greater access to lecturers, economical living, great support system with over 40 student clubs.

3. Offers over 2000 placements and internships in the industry. Excellent network of partnerships offering a great learning experience in local and international organizations as well.

4. Waikato offers a flexible structure in its degrees offered by allowing the students to study a broad range of courses that will help them shape their skill-set for better career prospects.

5. Waikato offers numerous scholarships each year to meritorious students funding their study related expenditures.

By the time you have finished reading the last point, we are sure your eyes are gleaming with excitement to really pursue your higher education and study in New Zealand. Considering the historical backdrop of the academic system of the country, it does reflect that the education has always been a priority for the Kiwis which certainly reflects in the reasons henceforth stated.

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