What can I Study in Ireland?

study in ireland

What can I Study in Ireland?

What can I study in Ireland as an international student is a question that always comes to mind when you prepare to go Ireland for higher study. Here you will find available degrees in Ireland for international students.

Postgraduate Diploma:

Often this is a vocational course, linked to professions such as teaching or librarianship. The subject may be different from the primary degree.

Bachelor Degree:

Bachelor’s programmes last 3 or 4 years. There is a distinction between ordinary and honors’ degrees. Ordinary bachelor’s degrees have less stringent admission requirements and less demanding examinations than honors’ programmes. Both kinds can include the general degree category, i.e. a bachelor’s programme made up of 2 or more major subjects. However, students in most honors’ degree programmes take only one major.

 Master’s Degree:

The 2 main types of master’s programmes are the taught masters and research masters. A taught master’s programme is mainly based on teaching and examinations, whereas in a research master the emphasis is on acquiring research skills, a research project and a thesis. The 2 types are consider to represent the same level of academic achievement. For both types, the specialization or educational sector is included in the name of the degree as well as its abbreviation, such as in the Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Science (M.Sc.) or Master of Engineering (M.Eng).


This is a doctorate awarded for a thesis based on research. It takes at least three years study and it must be an original contribution to knowledge.

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