Living in New Zealand

The cost of living in New Zealand is quite high, and like most countries tends to fluctuate depending on whether an expat lives in a predominately urban or rural area. The cost of living also depending on which of New Zealand’s island a person lives on since the south island is significantly cheaper than the north island. Supermarkets and restaurants in New Zealand make use of the Swedish Rounding System, which means that when the bill ends in 1 to 4 cents the total is round down or if the bill ends in 6 to 9 cents the total is rounded up. All products and services in New Zealand are subject to a Good and Service Tax (GST) of 15%, which is usually included in the price.

Types of Accommodation:
Residence Halls:

Residence Halls are generally located a short walk from campus. Rooms are single or sharing, with common laundry, toilet and dining hall. Meals are usually included in rent. This type of accommodation is great for students who wish to meet new people and live in a secure and safe environment.

Average cost is (NZD)$150 – $350 per week


Home-stay means live with a New Zealand family in their home. This type of accommodation usually provides a separate room and toilet. Home-stay family provides food and no need to pay extra money for that. This type of accommodation helps you to meet New Zealanders and know their culture as well as improve your English language skill.

Average cost is (NZD)$120 – $200 per week


Flat gives you the flexibility to live with as many people as you like and they may be male or female or both. Flats range from one bedroom to five bedroom homes. For this type of accommodation, you have to pay an advance rent deposit of one or two months. This type of accommodations do not provide food, and also you have to pay the electric bill on your own.

Average cost is (NZD)$100 – $200 per week, plus bills

living in new zealand

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